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          Tara on the Dark Continent No. 1- Mature Download

Tara on the Dark Continent No. 1- Mature Download


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Suggested for mature readers.

Featuring the first appearance of Stormy Tempest and Astron! Another Paragon classic, now commanding extreme prices in the collector's market (IF you can find a collector willing to part with it)! A strange craft crash lands on the Dark Continent, leading Tara into battle with a man-eating underwater plant and an encounter with a being from another world in “Challenge from the Stars” by Bill Black. Then, learn “How to Draw Tara” from Bill Black. Next up, Tara experiences a psychedelic vision during an attack from an alien being and winds up captured by none other than “Dr. Rivits I Presume?” (This is the first appearance of Dr. Rivits, who would survive to become one of Tara and the Femforce’s greatest foes). Then it’s a pictorial centerfold section featuring the stunning Victoria Vetri as a savage cavewoman from When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (Available now on DVD from!). In “The Mirror of Horrors” Tara is attacked by Beastmen and a giant snake and becomes an unwilling sacrifice at the hands of Na’ Waga the Witch Woman. Art by Bill Black and Bob Mosher with inks by Bill Black and Wes Smith. And… smokin’ rockets! Stormy Tempest makes her comic book debut in “The Space Hag” by Bill Black! (Stormy would go on to become a major character decades later in the pages of Femforce as well as the star of her own series of independent films. Now see where it all began! Who knew?). Then it’s another first appearance of a popular character (who will also appear in his own movie)… witness the debut of Astron! Who is this strangely-garbed interdimensional being? Is he a hero? Or a cold-blooded murderer? Find out in “Encounter” by Bill Black. Front and back Tara covers by Black. Originally published in 1974. This downloadable edition is 35 pages, B&W, complete, uncut and uncensored.


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