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          The Return of Nyoka the Jungle Girl Download

The Return of Nyoka the Jungle Girl Download


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Gunfights, swordfights, cleavage, whipfights, fist fights, a giant pendulum, a Hollywood-style gorilla suit! What's not to love?!?! Nyoka the Jungle Girl returns in the latest and GREATEST Smarty Pants production yet! Statuesque beauty Nicola Rae (star of our Stormy Tempest films) historically becomes the third actress to portray the title character of Nyoka Gordon as she faces off against the villainous Crimson Skull and his henchmen in an all-new, serial-style, action-packed jungle showdown. Nyoka must also contend with the resurrected gorilla known as Satan... last seen in 1942's Nyoka and the Tigermen. The costume is astonishing and the performance by professional "gorilla man" Chris Casteel is an instant classic and must be seen to be believed! As with the cliffhanger serials of the past, deadly traps and mortal peril awaits our heroine at every turn, culminating in an ancient ceremonial chamber with Nyoka chained to a stone slab beneath a giant descending pendulum!!! Will our heroine survive?!?!? Serial fans are gonna LOVE IT! And if you're new to the cliffhanger genre... you'll love it too!!! The Return of Nyoka the Jungle Girl is fast, exciting, sexy and fun... it's everything you love about comic book and serial adventures brought to life by director Bill Black!

Special Notes: This one is all action from start to finish and represents a HUGE leap forward in our cinematic efforts. The Return of Nyoka the Jungle Girl is presented here as a middle chapter in a fictitious "ongoing" weekly serial. This allows you to jump straight into the story and action while recreating the authentic energy and excitement of a Saturday matinee adventure serial, complete with a cliffhanger ending that will leave you breathless in anticipation for the next exciting chapter.

Runtime 30 minutes
Windows Media format: 720x480, 469MBs

Reviews from our advanced screenings:

Man! what fun. I really enjoyed it. Your use of the Republic music is terrific as it's very good music editing. The effects on the pendulum is stunning and very realistic. I thought Chris brought Satan back to life and Nyoka is a knockout. I'd be proud to show this to anyone. A big KONG size two thumbs up.
One of the old gorilla guys,
Bob Burns

Great fun, Bill! Love the pit and pendulum sequence....
Earl Blair

Just downloaded your new Nyoka movie over the weekend, and I thought it was great! The 40's music, the gorilla man, Nicola Rae as the screen's sexiest Nyoka, the Crimson Skull, the peril, the fights, the CGI ..everything.. superlative! By far the best thing you guys have produced so far...just great attention to detail on a microscopic budget! You have to do another one to resolve the cliffhanger, however! I caught the reference to Vultura, Nyoka's old arch-nemesis, and you bring her back for the next part...just my opinion, but yeah, very very well done all around! Oh yeah, and the Florida swamps make a great stand-in "jungle"...perfect place for more Nyoka and Tara-themed movies...anyway, just a quick note to tell you I really enjoyed it, and keep up the good work.
Noel V.

WOW!!!!!!! Way Coooool - looks better than anything you've done before !!!!!
Cliff. W.

It is great– fast and fun and wonderfully cheesy and hugely entertaining and entirely respectful of the source material. I’m really looking forward to what’s coming up next.
Jim J.

Definitely did justice to the old serials! Can't wait till Chapter 6 plays at the matinee!.
Paul M.




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