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          FemForce #43 Download

FemForce #43 Download


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When you have mobile cameras and optics that let you keep every square inch of the globe under constant surveillance, nothing much gets by you. So when the man known as Captain Video (Soon to be chaged to Videxx) sees an impending alien invasion, he can warn the Femforce. And when that invasion force is a troop of giant Amazonian women, you can bet the FF high-tail it down to South America to stop it. You see, since Tara recently gained growing powers, (In Good Girl Art Quarterly #5, to be exact) she can infiltrate the Amazons and find out where their next beachhead will be. Dinosaurs stomp and chomp, and rayguns blasts hit a strange-looking sea creature who begins to change into- Garganta, the 60 foot woman. It's all in "The Gammazons From Galaxy G", written by Bill Black, with pencils by Vic Bridges and Brad Gorby, and inks by Chad (The Outsiders) Hunt and Mark Heike. This story contains Video/Videxx' origin, and is the first Femforce issue that Tara appears as a giantess-GTS fans take note. Elsewhere on the high seas, another group of refugees stumble upon the drifting Janis Lawson. It's the pirate ship of Singapore Sal, and she, Iron Jaw, Frankenstein and The Clown have just managed to escape the defeat of The Black Shroud on Jungle Island. Maybe Janis was better off with that shark. "Beauty And The Beast", story and layouts by Richard (The Count) Rome, finished art by John Nadeau. Color cover by Vic Bridges and Mark Heike. Originally printed in 1991. This downloadable issue is 27 pages total presented in black and white.


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