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          Bizarre Thrills #1 Download

Bizarre Thrills #1 Download


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Some nudity. Suggested For Mature Readers!

The legendary Bizarre Thrills #1 is here! This is one of the most sought after issues from the Paragon days, now commanding extreme prices in the collector's market (IF you can find a collector willing to part with it)!

This issue kicks off with a catfight as Golden Age heroines do battle in a nightmare dreamscape in "Battle Beyond Reality" featuring extraordinary vintage girl art by Bill Black. Next up is Tara (who would later become a staple of the FemForce) in one of her earliest appearances as she discovers a mysterious lair hidden below the surface of a lagoon within the Dark Continent. Pencils by Tom Lyle with script and inks by Bill Black. Then Marc Hempel illustrates a titanic battle between Miss Victory and a Nazi villianess. Next is the cover story "Black Jack" - time and again you've read put-downs of good Dr. Wirtham's comic book witch hunt, now see the story from his point of view in this tale of a mysterious artifact used in ritualistic fashion against comic book heroines time and again... but what is its true insidious purpose? Next, The Black Phantom appears alongside her All-Girl Outlaws (Calamity Kate and Cheyenne) in "The Glowing Man" by Wild Bill Black. Stormy Tempest "busts" out of a deadly torture device in "The Clutches of Countess Peril" with story and art by Steve Vance with inks by Black. Plus an assortment of provocative pinups! Originally published in 1977. This downloadable edition is 39 pages, complete, uncut and uncensored.


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